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"These are the days that must happen to you."

— Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road (via cyberunfamous)

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the sims 4 announcements are so bleak and depressing out of context 

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Proof-of-concept interface design project from MIT Tangible Media Group demonstrates a system combining the use of a smartphone with a desktop computer - video embedded below:

THAW is a novel interaction system that allows a collocated large display and small handheld devices to seamlessly work together. The smartphone acts both as a physical interface and as an additional graphics layer for near-surface interaction on a computer screen. Our system enables accurate position tracking of a smartphone placed on or over any screen by displaying a 2D color pattern that is captured using the smartphone’s back-facing camera. The proposed technique can be implemented on existing devices without the need for additional hardware.



The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

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